Outsourcing has slowly emerged as a very important aspect of modern business. Outsourcing areas of business not only helps promote the best business practices but also gives you wider exposure to the latest technology.

You can easily reach your target audience by telemarketing and can also deliver the best services to your customers by having an inbound customer service center. Above all, outsourcing will allow you to save a huge chunk of production costs. This is one of the best techniques employed by companies across the world for profit generation and increased concentration on the development of core competencies.

Inbound Call center Services

By choosing to outsource your inbound call center services, we can guarantee you savings of at least 50% of the cost to run the campaign in the US or UK for example.  Nowadays, companies are segregating various departments and outsourcing them to obtain a smooth, cost-effective, and hassle-free operation. We believe that customer service plays an important role in the growth of any business and here at MECS, we have properly trained Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) to complement your other departments and give you the right business image.  Further, hiring CSRs solely for inbound customer service might prove costly on your side.  Outsourcing to us, we can provide you with the same degree of professionalism at a mere fraction of the cost.  Contact us for more information.

Outbound Call center Services

Yet another vital department of business. Wooing clients from across the world is not an easy job. Countries like the UK and US are getting more and more inclined towards outsourcing telemarketing services to other countries.  This practice is gaining popularity for its cost effectiveness and efficient services.  At MECS, we have streamlined our Outbound Call Center services to include Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, and other specialized services.  Contact us for more information.

Virtual Assistance Service

Are you looking for a personal assistant but find it too costly?  Our cost-effective Virtual Assistance solution allows business owners to focus more on core functions and spend less time on routine mundane tasks. Constant communication and reliability are what makes our virtual assistants different.  Once you hire one of our virtual assistants you will not have to worry anymore about trivial tasks such as answering emails, taking phone calls, and following up on clients.  All our VA’s are college graduates, making them well-equipped in handling your account.  Contact us for more information.

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