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Philippine Call Centers on Hiring Home-based Workers

Philippine call centers are urged to try home-based operations to curb high attrition rate and increase employee satisfaction. Experts on business process outsourcing (BPO) urged Philippines to try home-based operations with home based agents during the Annual Call Center Expo.

William Dieu, senior research analyst from, said that companies can lower attrition rate and foster high agent satisfaction if they will allow home-based operations. The Philippines should think about the benefits of hiring home-based agents, working from home also allows employees to save on transportation cost, especially now when prices of fuel are soaring. Only nine percent of the companies here allow working from home and he warned that “it is not expected to increase” in the succeeding months.

However, Benedict Hernandez, senior vice president and general manager for Philippines of eTelecare, said technological factors hinder the development of this kind of job. Also, John Langford, executive vice president of ICT group, said it will take time before this system is adapted.

Virtual call center provides enterprise-class solutions for business costumer communication management. This would enable companies and organizations to easily and cost-effectively manage multiple dispersed agents at an ease of administration. It also assist organizations attain business continuity and customer service resiliency in the event of a network outage or natural occurances. In fact, companies that have dispersed operations benefit from this virtual environment with remote call centers and home-based agents spread throughout the region or even globally.

Lots of news about home-based operations of call center has been discussed. US are surviving this kind of set up. And according to some news this is effective in US. Philippines as one of the most famous countries leading of having a successful call center industry is now opening its perspective about operating the home-based call center industry. It is expected that Philippine call centers could be able to operate this kind of work since Philippines is a competitive country in dealing with call center industry like US.

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