About Us


About Us

Our services, workforce, and even technical facilities are definitely at par with players in the outsourcing industry. You can rest assured that your customer service, technical support, even search engine optimization and virtual assistance needs are in good hands. Outsource now and enjoy the MECS advantage!

Rewards on expenditure: A service that may be higher priced in the western world comes at a pretty reasonable rate at MECS. You get the same quality of work along with cost effectiveness.

Saving all the way: It all boils down to saving and making money.  With us, you save not only economically, but also on aspects such as infrastructure, time, manpower, effort and resources.

Abundance of Time: We give you extra time that you can invest in doing other tasks to be more productive and that much needed relaxation!

Advancing business: Increase your profits and give importance to each of your clients. Gain a tension free environment and overall increased output.

Reallocating resources: By outsourcing to us, you can now concentrate on the more useful and core performances of your business!

Competitive edge for the business: We hire people from all walks of life – giving you a unique advantage on your competitors.

A Premium on attitude: Our recruiters make sure that the people we hire can work amicably with each other, as well as serve our clients to the best of their ability, with a smile on the side.  Excellent service with a heart.

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